Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Genting trip!

Been quite a while since i step foot on genting liao, think 6mths. With RM2000, and S$600+, with full of hopes and confidence, i set off to senting with biao ge and biao di.
Its almost 2am+ when we reach JB, its the 1st time i drive in JB, n at night somemore. Its total darkness along the highway. I got to high beam my front light. N i couldnt believe that i drive at 160km/h! n for a sec or 2, i reach almost 180km/h somemore! haha. What a trill!

Upon reach genting at 8am+, we need wait for check in at 2pm. Hence we go to the casino for warm up session. Unbelieveably, at 10am+, i lose RM2000 liao! sian....

Then i stroll n be boucer for the casino till we check in. Upon check in, we catch some sleep. Awaken at 7pm+, we had our dinner at a chinese restaurant there b4 going to casino. Then from 8-9pm till 4am+, it was a no win no lose situation for me. In the end, i manage to fight bk RM100-200 onli.

So nett lose for this genting trip is around RM1800.... sian....

But still, looking forward to go again! Genting! huat huat HUAT!!!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

At office... eating snake

Just another boring day at the office. The cleaner is vacuuming the floor now, office cover with the sound of vacuum cleaner. So noisy. Finally, i manage to take a breather after a tiring last week and the week b4. Many dateline last week. U imagine, i even got to stay till 630am last thursday just to finish my task. But i didnt come for work on friday as a result becoz i was too "steam". beside, my manager had already say "As long as u can finish, dun care u work till 6-7am and dun come work next day i aso never mind". Morale booster! Hence close one eye. Die die complete the task.

That day in office was a long and lonely one. And becoz my office had partition all over the place and relatively tall partition (almost the same height as me at around 174cm). It was virtually impossible to know whats going on outside from my desk. Fyi, the partition wrap me from my front to my left. My back was the window and wall. And my right was a tall cupboard. Hence i was like a POW sometimes.

Becoz of the mazey layout, there is many unknown spot, or blind spot here n there. And many turns and corner. Many of the desk, u cannot c from outside UNLESS n really make the effort to go n c. Hence its veri easy and natural to let ur imagination go out of hand sometimes. Especialy when u alone at night.

After the last person went off around 8pm. I was alone in the office. Its my 1st time working OT alone. Everything turn out well til suddenly.......... all the light suddenly went off! For 2-3 sec. I thought 'siao liao". Monster coming or what. Then after the light come bk. I sms the last person if thats the case everytime. She reply "no leh". This fuelled my imagination and to prevent imagination from getting too out of hand. I listen online 93.3FM, full blast volume. Just to create some noises and prevent me from thinking too much. After a while, it was 11pm+, then decided to take a break and msn-ing my friend. Complain abt OT tlll so late and say how boring and lonely i am. Then my bloody friend say "y lonely, u might not even be alone in the 1st place. hehe". Walau. Make me scare sia. Turtle her.

Work and work, till 2-3am, then viwawa a while. Think 15mins. Sushido never so fun b4. But i admit that time, i was a bit steam liao. Eye started to shoot bird liao. Then stupid 93.3 kip repeat the song. Then sometimes even put those errie advertisment with scary music. I remember one was "Ah gong jiang gui". The time was 3am+ then. I was already veri veri veri sleepy and thought like "fish care lah, sleep in office the go home, since if they c me oT till so late, wont scold me till how even if unfinish". Beside someone else can do the task too. But heng i manage to be discipline, focus and concentrate all the way.

610am, my morale was high as i know i am "there" soon. hehe. Then i full blast chop chop do finish. Send a short email to manager, saying i completed and i going bk sleeep. bUt i clever, i didnt mention i am coming bk or not. Logically, i know excuse morning till lunchtime. But after lunch? hehe. i didnt mention to her if i am coming bk or not sia.

I sleep immediately upon reaching home. Didnt even bother to bath. Too tired. When i wake up, its 1+pm, quite surprise i auto wake up so early as i sleep around 8am. Then i send a sms to my colleague whether they need me come bk office help out the task or not. Just a gesture of goodwill lah, i aso dun think they will reply "ya, pls. Come back office NOW". At least make them feel i not so heck care.

Wow 1220pm liao. Half a day gone, another half a day to idle. Will update my blog whenever got time. Cya.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just practising

This song is the 2nd part of Mario Bro ending theme. I like it veri much. But playing was so so onli.

A whole new world!!!

Me playing a whole new world.